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Nakshatra Porutham

Horoscope Matching (Star Match): 

The Nakshatra Porutham assures every couples to have a healthy lifestyle. If there is a perfect Nakshatra Porutham between the Couples, then both of them would lead a healthy lifestyle and would not be affected by any chronic illness impacting their physical health @ both of them would lead a healthy life. If there is no “Nakshatra Porutham”, then any one of the couples (or) both would have chronic illness in their body. The “Nakshatra Porutham” is calculated on the basis of Couple’s Birth Star.

Star Match
Nakshatra Porutham

Let us find the details about the Nakshatra Porutham, which is also called as Dina Porutham. First let us see the method of calculating Nakshtra Porutham (Dina Poruthanm). We all know that there are 27 Stars and placed in a perfect order. Here we take the Girl's Birth Star (Janma Nakshatra) as our base for calculations. We have to take the Girl's Birth Star (Janma Nakshatra) as the first Star. Taking the Girl's Birth Star as the first star, we need to start counting till we reach the Birth Star of the boy (the boy's Birth Star also must be included). The “Nakshatra Porutham” should not be calculated/counted from the Boy’s birth star to Girl’

By counting from Girl's birth star up to the Boy's Birth star, we get a number. If that number is 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 24 and 26, then implies that there exists a perfect Nakshatra Porutham. You can use the below mentioned Chart to identify the compatibility between the Couples for “Nakashatra Porutham”

1. Aswini
2. Bharani
3. Krittika
4. Rohini
5. Mirugasirisa
6. Aridra
7. Punarpusa
8. Pushyami
9. Ayilyam
10. Magham
11. Poorva
12. Uthira
13. Hastha
14. Chittirai
15. Swathi
16. Visaka
17. Anuradha
18. Jyestha
19. Moola
20. Purvasada
21. Uthrasada
22. Sravana
23. Dhanista
24. Sathabisha
25. Purvabhadra
26. Uthrabhadra
27. Revathi

For example, if a Girl is born with a Bharani birth star weds a boy with Birth star as Magham, then total number of counting from Bharani ending with Magham would be equal to 9. Thus Bharani (Girl) will have a perfect Nakshatra Porutham (Star Match) between the Boy (Magham). In this way, we need to calculate the Nakshatra Porutham for all couples based on the Girl's Birth star.

Example 2: If a Girl is born with a Revathi birth star weds a boy with Birth star as Visaka, then total number of counting from Revathi ending with Visaka would be equal to 17. Thus Revathi (Girl) will not have the Nakshatra Porutham (Star Match) between the Boy (Visaka).



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