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The "Kanda Rajju" is another form of "Rajju Porutham". Those couples who has their Jenma Nakshatra (Birth star) defined in the list given below, is affected by the mismatched Rajju Porutham. This type of Rajju Porutham is called as "Kanda Rajju".

Nakshatras: Rohini, Hastham, Thiruvonam, Thiruvathira, Sathayam and Swathi.

Effects of Kanda Rajju: 

1. The Girl could be exposed to danger. The danger could be in the form of robbery, arson, accidents and physical or mental troubles.

2. The Girl could be harassed mentally or physically.

3. The honor of the Girl would come under severe pressure.

4. The Girl might face some critical moments in the life.

These effects may happen, only when there is a possible planetary position on the natal chart (Rasi Kundali). Also it happens only, when there is a malefic Mahadasa that occurs during the lifetime of the Girl. Also it could happen during the convergence of malefic Dasa periods (Dasa Sandhi) of both the Boy and the G…


What is Kanda Rajju?

Kanda (Neck) Rajju is the next type of Rajju Porutham. Six stars had been allocated to this Kanda Rajju. Let us find the details of Stars that are allocated to this Kanda Rajju Porutham.

Moon's Star: Rohini, Hastham and Thiruvonam.
Raghu's Star: Thiruvathira, Swathi and Sathayam. 

The male and females who has these Stars as their Birth Star should not marry among themselves. If they marry by this mismatch, the Couples could face troubles to any one of them (preferably to the wife). Let us see the probable effects of this mismatched marriages.

1. The Wife could face severe health problems.

2. The Wife might be ineligible to live a normal married life.

3. The Wife could be separated from the Husband either willingly or unwillingly.

4. The Life of the Wife could be in danger. 

These various results are possible depending upon the planetary position and strength of Mahadasa in the Kundali or Natal Chart. In the first place, it is better to avoid getting married. …