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The effects of Shani and Venus combinations on the Sexual life:

The Shani also plays a major part in deciding the nature of sexual life that a person is likely to enjoy. The Readers must understand that the Shani is the planet that is responsible for the below mentioned ways of sexual relationships.

1. Sexual relationship with the sex workers. (*Applicable both to the males and females)
2. Sexual relationship with widows, widowers and handicapped peoples. (*Both the physically disabled person and the mentally disabled person).
3. Sexual relationship with transgender community.
4. Sexual relationship with people from the lower strata of the society.
5. unnatural sexual acts.
6. Sexual relationships with laborers/employees (*Please note that a Personal Assistant (PA) is a employee of the Manager (or) the Director, whom he/she works with; hence a sexual relationship between an employer and an employee at all social and economical levels come under this category)
7. Sexual relationship wi…