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What is Kanda Rajju?

Kanda (Neck) Rajju is the next type of Rajju Porutham. Six stars had been allocated to this Kanda Rajju. Let us find the details of Stars that are allocated to this Kanda Rajju Porutham.

Moon's Star: Rohini, Hastham and Thiruvonam.
Raghu's Star: Thiruvathira, Swathi and Sathayam. 

The male and females who has these Stars as their Birth Star should not marry among themselves. If they marry by this mismatch, the Couples could face troubles to any one of them (preferably to the wife). Let us see the probable effects of this mismatched marriages.

1. The Wife could face severe health problems.

2. The Wife might be ineligible to live a normal married life.

3. The Wife could be separated from the Husband either willingly or unwillingly.

4. The Life of the Wife could be in danger. 

These various results are possible depending upon the planetary position and strength of Mahadasa in the Kundali or Natal Chart. In the first place, it is better to avoid getting married. …


What is Uthara Rajju?

The third type of Rajju Porutham is called as Uthara (Body) Rajju. There are 6 Stars allocated to this Uthara Rajju. Let us see the Stars that had been allocated to this Uthara Rajju.

Sun's Stars: Kiruthigai, Uthiram and Uthiradam.
Guru's Stars: Punarpusam, Visakam and Purattathi.

The Marraige should NOT be held between the male and females having their Birth Star that has been listed above. If a mismatch is done and if a marriage is conducted, then the following listed probable issues could come up. 

1. The Couples may find it tough to conceive;  could end up as "Childless Couples".

2. The Couple could face miscarriage.

3. The Couple could face troubles with the physical safety of their children.

4. The Couples could live separately from their childrens; or the Childrens could be separated from their parents (both in the Young or in the Old age).

5. The Couples could face severe distress due to the habits, character, lifestyle, wealth and health i…


What is Thodai Rajju?

The next Rajju is called as Thodai Rajju which means as Lap Rajju. Given below are the Stars that are allocated to this particular type of Rajju.

Sukra's Star: Bharani, Pooram and Pooradam.
Saturn's Star: Pusam, Anusham and Purattathi. 

The Marriages should not be held between the Boys and Girls, who has the above mentioned Star as their Birth Star. Let us see the effects of conducting a mismatched Marriage. 

1. The Couples could face severe financial problems during their lifetime.

2. Loss of valuables by way of theft, looting and misplacement.

3. Loss of Properties due to reasons like war, natural calamities, legal litigation, mortgages and other known and unknown reasons.

4. Loss of properties, finances and valuables leading to sudden and unexpected downturn in the financial situation. 

The Economic worries would accelerate fight within the couples, separation of the couples and finally disintegration of the entire family. If the financial position is not…


What is Patha Rajju?

Among the 5 different Rajju Porutham, the Patha (Feet) Porutham comes first. Let us see the Rajju Porutham (Patha Rajju) in detail.
The Stars that come under this categories: Kethu Star: Aswini, Magham and Moolam.
Budha Star:Ayilyam, Kettai and Revathi.

As per the Rajju Porutham, a Boy and a Girl having their Birth Star within this list should not marry among themselves. If a marriage is conducted among the Couples having their Birth Star, which had been listed above would face troubles during the time of Journey.
Let us find the probable results of a mis-marriage: 1. The Couple could face loss of Properties by way of theft.

2. The Couple's valuable belongings could be damaged or lost due to various other reasons.

3. The Couples could end up in an accident/troubles leading to loss of limbs or lives.

4. The Couples could be separated in a temporary manner or forever.

5. The diginity and honor of the Couple could be at stake.

These results are possible depending upo…


Rajju Porutham (Rajju Match) is considered to be the most important among all Porutham's (Match). As per the Vedic Astrology, the mismatch on this Rajju Porutham nullifies all other Porutham's @ if there are 9 out of 10 Porutham's are positive and the Rajju Porutham turns negative, then let us not proceed with that marriage. Let us see the reason.
All other Porutham's (matches) talks about the level of success and satisfaction of the married couples. But Rajju Porutham talks about the viability of the marriage & the collateral damages to the lives and the property of the married couples. The Rajju Porutham talks about the likelihood of loss of limbs, lives and property on conducting a marriage between the mismatched (Rajju Porutham) couples.
The readers are advised to take this Rajju Poruthan in a serious manner. We would study more this Rajju Porutham in the coming days.
There are 5 types of Rajju Porutham and Star's allocated to all the 5 type…