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Monday, 22 July 2013


We study the method of using the "Vivaga Chakra" by taking a particular date as our example. Let us take the 15.09.2013 as our example date, to find whether the particular date brings auspicious results or not.

Through Panchangam, we have found out the following results.

1. The Sun is traversing in the Uthiram (Uttara) Nakshatra on the marriage day (15.09.2013)
2. The Moon is traversing in the Uthiradam (U. Sada) Nakshatra on the marriage day (15.09.2013).

3. Now we take the Star Uthiram (Uttara) on which the Sun's trajectory position lies. Take the preceding star Pooram (Poorva) and the following Star Hastham of the Uthiram (Uttara) Star.

4. You have selected Pooram, Uthiram and Hastham Stars. Place it in the House 1.

5. Now select the next 3 stars Chittirai, Swathi and Visaka. Place it in the House 2.

6. Now select the next 3 Stars Anuradha, Jyestha, Moolam. Place it in the House 3.

7. Now select the next 3 stars Pooradam, Uthiradam and Thiruvonam. Place it in the House 4.

8. Likewise, fill the consecutive Stars in the consecutive Houses. That is all the 27 stars should be filled up in all the 9 Houses by offering 3 each.

9. Now you must search for Uthiradam (U. Sada) Nakshatra (on which Moon's trajectory position lies on the particular Marriage day)

10. The Star "Uthiradam (U. Sada)" lies within the 4th house. Hence we must look for the results in the table given below

11. By this table, we understand that the marriage conducted on this day causes "Poverty and Curse". Hence this day must be avoided at any cost.

12. The same day must have been declared as a "Subha Muhurtha Day" in your daily calender. But as for the Hindu Vedic Astrology, the Day is unfit for conducting the Marriage. 


What is Vivaga (Marriage) Chakra (Wheel)?

The Vivaga Chakra helps you to identify the aupicious day for the Marriage. After selecting the day, you can find out the correct Muhurtha Time by following simple steps mentioned in the link. This process would help the Couples to enjoy smooth relationship and happiness in their married life.

Look at the "Vivaga Chakra" picture given below.


First you must know two things by using the Panchangam.

1. Sun's trajectory position (Star Path) on the Marriage Day.
2. Moon's trajectory position (Star Path) on the Marriage Day.

How to use this Vivaga Chakra?

1. You must choose 3 stars that are called as "Mirutha Nakshatras".

2. These 3 Nakshatra's are the Sun's trajectory position (Star Path) on the Marriage Day, then the Star that precedes the above Star and the Star that follows the above mentioed Star.

3. Place the above mentioned star in the House No: 1

4. Then, you must choose the subsquent 3 stars and place it in the 2nd house; and next 3 Star in the 3rd house and so on.

5. Allocate all the 27 Star in the 9 houses. Use the table given below to find the out the listing of 27 Stars.

Use the Stars in that order

6. Now you must know the Moon's trajectory position at the time of Marriage. Find out the name of the Star.

7. Search for that Star in the Vivaga Chakra.

8. Given below is the table, that gives you the results of your Marriage.

9. Read the results from the above table. For example, if the Moon's trajectory position on the particular Marriage day is placed on the House 5, then the Marriage becomes very successful and brings more Gains.



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