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What is "Sastanga Dosha?"

If the Husband's Rasi (Moon Sign) is 6 or 8 places away from the Wife's Rasi (Moon Sign) or vice versa, then the Couple gets affected by the "Sastanga Dosha". This would create a difference of opinion between the couples that would put them in a diametrically opposite position on every issues.

1. The Couple's views always travel in the opposite direction and there will not be convergence of their views.

2. The Couple often disagree on every issues starting from a petty issue to the issues that are utmost important in their life.

3. The Couple often criticize one another on every issues. They would also criticize their life partner in the public.

4. The Couple often squabble and stand united on their disagreements on their partner.

5. The Couple would place their dissatisfaction about their marital life in a open and brazen manner, even after living together for longer years.

How to identify "Sastanga Dosha?"

Below is t…