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Is your Love Partner or Life Partner reliable, trustworthy, amicable, humorous, sociable or compassionate?


Is your Love Partner or Life Partner angry, dominant, selfish, possessive, cynical or too materialistic?

Let us study the various characteristics of the men that one of them is going to be your life partner. Now let us see the planetary positions that defines the probable chracteristics of a male.

Who is your Life Partner (Probability 1):

1. My husband is angry.

2. My husband is highly possessive. He just eats away into my freedom. He doesn't care for my preference. He chooses my dress, lifestyle and even my diet in the name of too much love, care and affections.

3. He is highly suspicious and just intrude into my privacy. He doesn't allow me to maintain my friendship or even doesn't allow me to interact with my brothers & sisters (including cousins). I have a feeling that he is constantly watching me or he is stalking me even on day to day issues.

4. He turns v…