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Can the Couple marry despite the mismatch on Rajju Porutham? The concept of getting married through the excellent matchings through the “Marriage Matches (or) 10 Porutham” generally practiced in South India may prove to be right (or) may be wrong, because there is no guarantee that a marriage would be 100% successful, even if all the parameters between the Couples are met. There will not be a certainty that a marriage would end in a disaster, if 5 out of 10 parameters are not matching for the Couples.  Let us find out, why we can’t fully rely on “Marriage Matches”:
The Marriage Matching Parameters do show a probable mental/physical/sexual compatibility of the Couple; and health and longevity of both the Couples based on the Star and Moon Sign of both the Couples. Earlier before 50 years back, the Girls were married at young age; and they would be barred from venturing out after they attain puberty. A Boy had to marry a Girl without even looking at her; and he would be able to see his wif…


Inter Caste Marriages through Vedic Astrology
Marriages (or) Relationship that takes place outside the hierarchy:   All marriages (or) partnerships that happen between the Couples who belong to different caste/religion/culture/race/linguistics can be classified as "Mixed Marriages". Let us see the probable planetary position that could indicate the possibility of Inter-caste (or) interreligious (or) interracial marriages. The 7th House and its Lord indicate the love/life/sexual partnership. The Partnership can be permanent (or) temporary in nature. The Partnership could be legal (or) could be illegal/immoral too. The 2nd House indicates the family of the native (or) the type of people with whom the native would be spending his/her life by living along with him/her. Before that let us find out the quality of each planet in deciding the type of Partnership. Sun - Authoritative. Partner coming through Paternal side Moon - Flexible. Partner coming through Maternal side. Mars - Angry…