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Who is your Life Partner (Part 2)?

1. The Couple always squabble among themselves.

2. A husband always disagrees with his wife on every issues; and vice-versa

3. The Couples always loves to disagree with each other.

4. The Couple always take decisions diametrically opposite to each other.

5. Any one or both of the Couples shout or fight it out at even for petty reasons.

Let us find out the planetary position that brings nightmarish marital ties:

1. If the Couple come under the SASTANGA DOSHAM @ if a husband's rasi is 6 or 8 places away from the wife's Rasi or vice-versa. The Couples come under this category often develop diametrically opposite views, which leads squabbles or fights. please find the table that contains the details of the Rasi (if the Couples come under this Rasi) that escalates the fight.

2. The Couples having KALATHIRA DOSHA will also fight with each other. The Couple who has their 7th house lord (House Lord of Life Partner) is placed or combined with 6th house…