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Marriage Life and Sexual Life of a Transgender:

Normally transgenders can be divided into many categories:

Type 1. A person lives as a transgender without hiding their identity from the society.

Type 2. A person who lives either as a man (or) as a woman to the outside world and hiding their gender identity within themselves.
* These type of peoples present various reasons for not getting married and prefer to live as a single.

Type 3. A person struggling from weak potent level to the complete transgender level.
* These type of peoples generally find it difficult to come to conclusions about their sexual potency level @ they would believe that they have the potential to overcome the weak stimulation level but failing in their act.


Type 1 people declare their gender openly and live as a transgender in the society.

Type 2 peoples are unmarried and live as a single during their entire lifetime hiding their gender identity during their lifetime. They would come out with various reasons f…