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Can the Couple marry despite the mismatch on Rajju Porutham? The concept of getting married through the excellent matchings through the “Marriage Matches (or) 10 Porutham” generally practiced in South India may prove to be right (or) may be wrong, because there is no guarantee that a marriage would be 100% successful, even if all the parameters between the Couples are met. There will not be a certainty that a marriage would end in a disaster, if 5 out of 10 parameters are not matching for the Couples.  Let us find out, why we can’t fully rely on “Marriage Matches”:
The Marriage Matching Parameters do show a probable mental/physical/sexual compatibility of the Couple; and health and longevity of both the Couples based on the Star and Moon Sign of both the Couples. Earlier before 50 years back, the Girls were married at young age; and they would be barred from venturing out after they attain puberty. A Boy had to marry a Girl without even looking at her; and he would be able to see his wif…


Vedic Astrology: Pitra Dosha and Marriage:
Everyone must understand that the existence of “Pitra Dosha” in the natal Horoscope has the capacity to derail the Marriage and Personal Life of anybody in this world. Let us first understand “What is Pitra Dosha?” and “What are the impacts of Pitra Dosha on the Marriage Life?”  

What is “Pitra Dosha?”
The word “Pitra” (or) “Pitru” means the “Souls of the departed ancestors”. As per the Hindu Religion, the death is not end to a life @ the soul of the departed person would take another form of life in a separate world called “Pitru Logam (World of departed souls) away from the Earth. Let us define it in the following ways to understand it better.
A person had died; and his soul would knew that the death had happened to him @ the soul will possess the exact amount of consciousness about his earlier life & family.
Everyone will have “Sthula body” meaning that it is noticeable and traceable. Anybody can see it, feel it, experience it and interact…


How to select a Beautiful (Good Looking) Partner? 

Boys want to love and marry good looking Girls and the Girls want to love and marry good looking boys. Everybody dress up well and looks good before getting married (or) when they are in love relationships. So, in the young age, everybody looks beautiful and attractive. But here are the probabilities that a native could hide their real look and enhance their beauty in an artificial manner for a temporary period.

Astrological Guide to examine the beauty of the Bride and Bridegroom:

1. The 2nd house, 2nd house lord and the Moon denotes the beauty.

2. The 2nd house lord and Moon should not be placed in 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses; and should not be associated with any Planets that owns 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses. If its happens, it damages the beauty of the natives.

3. The 2nd house lord and Moon should not be placed in the Maraka & Pathaga sthana; and should not be associated with any Maraka (or) Pathaga Graha.  If its happens, i…


Who is your Life Partner? How does he/she speaks to you?

Young people usually dream about their marriage life and also their life partner. The major question in the minds of the Young peoples and their Parents are "What kind of character and behaviour that I can expect from my Partner?". Generally the marriage proposals are being done in this manner.

1. The ancestery of the Partner (or) Family background @ State/Religion/Caste etc.,
2. The Educational background.
3. The Professional background.
4. The Financial status.
5. Physical Appearnces.

Anyone can easily verify all these informations about their Partner before getting married, if anyone puts some efforts towards finding it. But it is very hard to find the exact nature and character of the proposed Partner. Long before, our ancestors had given more importances in finding out the character and exact behaviour pattern of the proposed Partner before initiating any valid marriage proposals. But now-a-days these customs are …


Planetary Position that delays your Marriage: 

Many parents, young boys and young girls struggle to get married and their biggest worry is that whether they would be able to marry a right person and will their marriage be successful? Let us see the reasons for the delay in getting married as per your horoscope. Here we are going to find reasons for the "Delayed Marriage" (or) "Late Marriage" not the reasons for the "Failed Marriage"

1. The 2nd house lord getting poor strength in the Ashtavargha.

2. The 7th house lord getting poor strength in the Ashtakavarga.

3. The 2nd house lord getting combusted by the Sun due to its closer proximity within 09.60.00 degrees to the Sun. The problems become more intense, if the 2nd house lord is placed within 06.40.00 degrees; the problem becomes more acute, if the 2nd house lord is placed within 03.20.00 degrees; the problem becomes more severe if the Sun and the 2nd house lord traverses in the same Star Path; the probl…