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Planetary Position that indicates Homosexual attitudes: 

Homosexual: A person who is sexually attracted towards to the people of their own sex is called as a "Homosexual" @ the male getting sexually attracted towards the males are classified as a "Gay"; and the female getting sexually attracted towards females are classified as "Lesbian".

Bisexual: A male (or) female, who is sexually attracted towards both the males and the females (or even transgender) are often classified as "Bisexual"

Now. Let us study the planetary position that creates Homosexuality and Bisexuality in the humans. Before going into the analysis, you must understand the fundamental details about the planets and the zodiac signs. Given below are the details of the Planet's sex.

 Given below are the details of the zodiac sign's sex:

Planetary position that indicates "Homosexuality":

1. If the 3rd house and the 3rd house lord & 8th house and the 8th house lord…