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Can the Couple marry despite the mismatch on Rajju Porutham? The concept of getting married through the excellent matchings through the “Marriage Matches (or) 10 Porutham” generally practiced in South India may prove to be right (or) may be wrong, because there is no guarantee that a marriage would be 100% successful, even if all the parameters between the Couples are met. There will not be a certainty that a marriage would end in a disaster, if 5 out of 10 parameters are not matching for the Couples.  Let us find out, why we can’t fully rely on “Marriage Matches”:
The Marriage Matching Parameters do show a probable mental/physical/sexual compatibility of the Couple; and health and longevity of both the Couples based on the Star and Moon Sign of both the Couples. Earlier before 50 years back, the Girls were married at young age; and they would be barred from venturing out after they attain puberty. A Boy had to marry a Girl without even looking at her; and he would be able to see his wif…


Successful Marriage through Astrology:

Mob or Mass Hysteria on Marriage Astrology:

"I don't understand anything; but everybody follows some system'. Hence I do follow it. That is, a society in general follow certain system either due to rumours or fear. These tendencies are defined as mass or mob hysteria. In general, most of the people believe or follow certain system or method without understanding it or verifying it. Hence the decision taken under this hysterical conditions do not evolve under any logic or reasons.

Astrology is being used by most of the people, when the marriage is to be conducted. The Boy or the Girl don't understand anything about the Astrology. Simply they understand that a marriage could become successful, if they come under perfect Marriage Match. Hence they look for their Birth Star and Rasi and do conclude the feasibility of their marriage. That is, a marriage becomes more successful, if the couples has perfect matchings among them; and the c…


Who is your Life Partner (Part 2)?

1. The Couple always squabble among themselves.

2. A husband always disagrees with his wife on every issues; and vice-versa

3. The Couples always loves to disagree with each other.

4. The Couple always take decisions diametrically opposite to each other.

5. Any one or both of the Couples shout or fight it out at even for petty reasons.

Let us find out the planetary position that brings nightmarish marital ties:

1. If the Couple come under the SASTANGA DOSHAM @ if a husband's rasi is 6 or 8 places away from the wife's Rasi or vice-versa. The Couples come under this category often develop diametrically opposite views, which leads squabbles or fights. please find the table that contains the details of the Rasi (if the Couples come under this Rasi) that escalates the fight.

2. The Couples having KALATHIRA DOSHA will also fight with each other. The Couple who has their 7th house lord (House Lord of Life Partner) is placed or combined with 6th house…


Is your Love Partner or Life Partner reliable, trustworthy, amicable, humorous, sociable or compassionate?


Is your Love Partner or Life Partner angry, dominant, selfish, possessive, cynical or too materialistic?

Let us study the various characteristics of the men that one of them is going to be your life partner. Now let us see the planetary positions that defines the probable chracteristics of a male.

Who is your Life Partner (Probability 1):

1. My husband is angry.

2. My husband is highly possessive. He just eats away into my freedom. He doesn't care for my preference. He chooses my dress, lifestyle and even my diet in the name of too much love, care and affections.

3. He is highly suspicious and just intrude into my privacy. He doesn't allow me to maintain my friendship or even doesn't allow me to interact with my brothers & sisters (including cousins). I have a feeling that he is constantly watching me or he is stalking me even on day to day issues.

4. He turns v…


Let us see the steps to be taken to ensure a successful marriage.

1. Character Analysis: First analyze the character of the Couples. Find out the compatibility with their mindset. A Marriage becomes always be successful, if the couple's mindset travels on the same directions.

1. A boy with the vibrant nature would find it extremely difficult to co-habit with a lazy girl.
2. A Girl with clean habits can't tolerate a Boy who does not keep himself bodily clean.
3. The Person with good charcater can't co-exist with a life partber within a criminal background.

2. Sexual Compatibilty: Find out the physical and sexual compatibilty by using the horoscope and also through the "Yoni Porutham"

1. A marriage automatically fails, if the Boy or Girl has too much interests in sex and the other partner does not evince the same level of interests in the sexual relationship.
2. The Marriage also fails, if the Boy or Girl tend to lead a unethical sexual activities a…


Is perfect Marriage Match gurantees a successful Marriage?

In general, people always ask me questions like the one mentioned below:

My Rasi is ..... and my Nakshatra is ...... and 
My partner's Rasi is ..... and his/her Nakshatra is ......

Can we marry or not?

In my opinion, the question is itself flawed. No one can judge a person's character, life longevity, health, personal lifestyle, financial position and career on the basis of his/her Nakshatra alone.

Saints and criminals were born in the same Nakshatras. Can we say that a particular Nakshatra produces only Saints and another Nakshatras produces only criminal?

Hence concluding or rejecting a Marriage on the basis of the Rasi and Nakshatra is the height of the stupidity. No one gets killed or maimed just because if he/she happens to marry a person that does not have the matchings of "Marriage Match".

If a person has a strong indication of life longevity in his/her horoscope, then he/she does not die just because he/…