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Sex Astrology: Planetary Position that indicates extramarital (or) illicit relationships (Part 1):

First let us see the Planetary position that creates greater desire for sexual comforts. These Planetary Positions (or) House combinations acts as a stimulator for creating more sexual appetites.

Please note that higher level of sexual relationships does not automatically create illicit relationships (or) extramarital relationships. In the subsquent Posts, we are going to study the Planetary position that details the possibilities of having an illicit affair (or) extramarital relationships.
1. The combination of Mars & Venus: This Planetary combination creates burning desire for sex with anyone, who is willing to have relationships (or) the avenues available for creating a sexual relationships.
Example:The native would only need a Partner to have sexual relationships @ they will not seek any financial gain (or) nor there would be motive behind their relationships. Their intention will…