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How to select a Beautiful (Good Looking) Partner? 

Boys want to love and marry good looking Girls and the Girls want to love and marry good looking boys. Everybody dress up well and looks good before getting married (or) when they are in love relationships. So, in the young age, everybody looks beautiful and attractive. But here are the probabilities that a native could hide their real look and enhance their beauty in an artificial manner for a temporary period.

Astrological Guide to examine the beauty of the Bride and Bridegroom:

1. The 2nd house, 2nd house lord and the Moon denotes the beauty.

2. The 2nd house lord and Moon should not be placed in 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses; and should not be associated with any Planets that owns 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses. If its happens, it damages the beauty of the natives.

3. The 2nd house lord and Moon should not be placed in the Maraka & Pathaga sthana; and should not be associated with any Maraka (or) Pathaga Graha.  If its happens, i…


Who is your Life Partner? How does he/she speaks to you?

Young people usually dream about their marriage life and also their life partner. The major question in the minds of the Young peoples and their Parents are "What kind of character and behaviour that I can expect from my Partner?". Generally the marriage proposals are being done in this manner.

1. The ancestery of the Partner (or) Family background @ State/Religion/Caste etc.,
2. The Educational background.
3. The Professional background.
4. The Financial status.
5. Physical Appearnces.

Anyone can easily verify all these informations about their Partner before getting married, if anyone puts some efforts towards finding it. But it is very hard to find the exact nature and character of the proposed Partner. Long before, our ancestors had given more importances in finding out the character and exact behaviour pattern of the proposed Partner before initiating any valid marriage proposals. But now-a-days these customs are …


Will your Daughter-in-Law will take you to court?

Nowadays, it is very common to see the Girls slapping court cases on their Spouse and their In-Laws. Their one point agenda is to teach their Spouse and his parents a "Lesson". The Girls could take the following steps to teach a "Hard Lesson" to their life partner and their Father-in-law and Mother-in-law; and sometimes to the entire family members of their spouse.

1. They could opt for a temporary separation from their Spouse.

2. They would disallow their spouse and their parents not to have any kind of oral communication with their children @ the Father (and the Grandparents) would be refused permission to have the periodical interaction with his kids (or Grand Children).

3. Filing criminal cases with the Police against the Husband and his family.

4. Slapping criminal and civil cases on the Husband and his entire family members.

5. Bringing up the children by poisoning their mind about their Father and Paternal fa…


Planetary Position that indicates Homosexual attitudes: 

Homosexual: A person who is sexually attracted towards to the people of their own sex is called as a "Homosexual" @ the male getting sexually attracted towards the males are classified as a "Gay"; and the female getting sexually attracted towards females are classified as "Lesbian".

Bisexual: A male (or) female, who is sexually attracted towards both the males and the females (or even transgender) are often classified as "Bisexual"

Now. Let us study the planetary position that creates Homosexuality and Bisexuality in the humans. Before going into the analysis, you must understand the fundamental details about the planets and the zodiac signs. Given below are the details of the Planet's sex.

 Given below are the details of the zodiac sign's sex:

Planetary position that indicates "Homosexuality":

1. If the 3rd house and the 3rd house lord & 8th house and the 8th house lord…


Why do Marriages end in a disaster?

The people select their life partner by looking at their Rasi and Nakshatra @ they will judge their marriage feasibility by looking at the compatibility through the "Marriage Matchings". But sometimes, the Marriage fails and end in a disaster.

1. Why should a Marriage fail despite having excellent compatibility in the "Marriage Match"? Is the Vedic Astrology fundamentally wrong? Is the Astrologers are incapable (or) cheats?

A Marriage can fail for various reasons. One among them that we are going to find is the "Impotency" on the part of any member of the Couples. The "Impotency" is caused by various reason. One among them is the "Hormonal Deficiency" that exists in the body right from the young age. Another important cause is the "Hormonal Malfunctions" that could potentially affect the Potency level right from the birth time. The People who has Hormonal Deficiency and Hormonal Malfunction…


Marriage Life and Sexual Life of a Transgender:

Normally transgenders can be divided into many categories:

Type 1. A person lives as a transgender without hiding their identity from the society.

Type 2. A person who lives either as a man (or) as a woman to the outside world and hiding their gender identity within themselves.
* These type of peoples present various reasons for not getting married and prefer to live as a single.

Type 3. A person struggling from weak potent level to the complete transgender level.
* These type of peoples generally find it difficult to come to conclusions about their sexual potency level @ they would believe that they have the potential to overcome the weak stimulation level but failing in their act.


Type 1 people declare their gender openly and live as a transgender in the society.

Type 2 peoples are unmarried and live as a single during their entire lifetime hiding their gender identity during their lifetime. They would come out with various reasons f…


Is your Partner sexually fit?

Readers must understand that the sexual fitness is different from physical fitness and mental fitness. Any one can perform well in their sexual intercourse only if they are physically, mentally and sexually fit.

What is Sexual Fitness? 

1. The ability to have "Erectile Function" in the male organs and "Excellent form of arousal" in the female organs.

2. The ability to get erections in the genitals of the males and the ability to have arousal in the vaginal part of the females in the shortest lead time before the sexual act.

3. The ability to sustain the "Erections in the Genitals" (for the males) and the ability to sustain the "Arousal in the Vaginals" (for the females) and capability to maintain the consistency (in that level) till the compeletion of the sexual acts.


1. If these above mentioned 3 points are being met, then we can assume that the native enjoys the sexual fitness.

2. Readers must also understa…


Is your Life Partner a 'transvestite"?

In this post, we are going to study the planetary position that makes the person "Transvestite". Let us find out, what do you mean by "transvestite"?

Transvestite: The Transvestite are the people, who are either male or female, who prefers to dress, act, develop a style and live in a manner that are traditionally associated with another gender. There are peoples, who wear the dresses of the opposite sex both in the public and also in private. The Transvestite's prefer to wear the undergarments of the opposite sex and like to have sexual intercourse @ a male will act and behave as a female and dress like a female but prefers to enjoy the sexual pleasures as a male. Similarly, the females will like to wear the dresses of the male and behave and act like a male, but prefers to have sexual pleasures as a female.

In general, some of the Transvestite people choose to live as a Gay or Lesbian (not all transvestite would r…


Sexual Habits and Sexual Potency of your Partner:

A male can act and behave as a female both during the normal periods and also during the sexual relationships. Similarly, a female can act as a male both during the normal periods and also during the sexual relationships. Here we are going out to find the Planetary position that maximizes the feminine quality or charactistics both in the females and also in the males. If the feminine characteristics are dominant in a female, then the female resembles and behaves exactly like a female, which turns into her greatest advantage. But if the feminine characteristics are dominant in a male, then the male resembles and behaves exactly like a female, which could create personality disorder in that person. Depending upon the planetary position, the males possessing the feminine qualities could prefer male sexual partners and could turn into homosexuals or gays. This could happen, when a male remain physically as a male but mentally remain as a f…


Reasons for the failure of the Marriage:

The Boys and the Couples often get married with huge dreams in their mind about their marriage life. Though the Marriage is being finalised after getting satisfactory report from the Astrologer about the perfect matching under the "Marriage Match Analysis (Porutham)", the Marriage ends up in quarrel or separation or even litigation. Why should the Marriage end up in failure despite there is absolute matchings under the Marriage Matchings? 
The Reason is that we do not analyze the horoscope fully and evaluate the couple's character, behaviour, attitudes, economical issues, health issues and sexual issues. Instead, most of the Couple's just check their compatability under the Marriage Matchings and proceed with marriage. But the Marriage could end up in failure for various reasons. Let us see the probable reason for the troubles in the Marriage life. 
1. Problems being created by the behaviour, character and attitudes of the Cou…



Marriages are now-a-days are bounded by law. That is, if a man and woman wish to live together by integrating themselves physically and emotionally, then we call this relationship as a Marriage. In today's world, these relationships can be created by the law or deleted with the help of the law. 
But these laws are were not present before 400 years back. Depending upon the political situation or social conditions, there were rules for the marriage was defined by the local chieftains. As per the Vedic Astrology, the 7th house defines your life partner @ any one, who maintain mental ties (love affair) or physical relationship (sexual affair) or both with anyone from the opposite sex comes under this category.

But the Vedic Astrology are very much in place from the Vedic days @ more than 5000 years back. That is, mutual understanding between a man and a woman on physical relationships or mental relationships or both are considered as the Couples. Those …


Who is your Life Partner (Part 2)?

1. The Couple always squabble among themselves.

2. A husband always disagrees with his wife on every issues; and vice-versa

3. The Couples always loves to disagree with each other.

4. The Couple always take decisions diametrically opposite to each other.

5. Any one or both of the Couples shout or fight it out at even for petty reasons.

Let us find out the planetary position that brings nightmarish marital ties:

1. If the Couple come under the SASTANGA DOSHAM @ if a husband's rasi is 6 or 8 places away from the wife's Rasi or vice-versa. The Couples come under this category often develop diametrically opposite views, which leads squabbles or fights. please find the table that contains the details of the Rasi (if the Couples come under this Rasi) that escalates the fight.

2. The Couples having KALATHIRA DOSHA will also fight with each other. The Couple who has their 7th house lord (House Lord of Life Partner) is placed or combined with 6th house…