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Ketu in the 8th House: Does it create impotency? 
8th House: In Vedic Astrology, the 8th house represents the Private Parts (urinals & bowels; and genitals & vagina). Thus the 8th house and the 8th house lord would measure the functional capabilities of body stimulation during the sexual activities.
Ketu: The Ketu is the Planet that doesn’t possess any functional characteristics (or) capabilities to exhibit on the natives. Though the Rahu and Ketu are considered as “Shadow Planets”; the Ketu is considered as stronger in the hierarchy among all the nine Planets. Thus, the Ketu would suffocate (or) gag (or) blunt (or) choke (or) stifle any Planets which has been in conjunction with Ketu and aspected by Ketu.
The natives who has Ketu’s aspection on 8th house/8th house Lord (or) Ketu’s conjunction with the 8th house lord will face troubles (or) erratic functioning of their body parts, as per the details given below. Thus, the native could face following health troubles in their body.

Manglik Dosh Cancellatiion

What is Mangal Dosh (or) Manglik Dosh?

There is a common astrological word "Manglik" that everybody knows by heart today. Now-a-days, even the Marriage Brokers (or) middle man would possess the capability to identify the Horoscope as “Manglik” and declare the person as “Manglik”. The Website that hosts the matrimonial link would be able to classify the Manglik affected horoscope in a matter of second with their best software.
The word Manglik refers to the Chevva Dosha(or Dosham) caused by planet Mars (Kuja), when it is present in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from the Lagna. Let us find the effects of having planet Mars (Kuja) in those above-mentioned places either for the Boy or the Girl or both.
1. There will not be any intimate relationship between the Couples.
2. The Couples would face disastrous events in their life.
3. The Couples get separated.
4. The Girl would become a widow.
5. The Boy would get separated from his Wife.
6. It would make a Boy to remain as a Ba…

Mesha Rasi Marriage Life

Mesha Lagna Marriage Life
(*The results are also applicable partly for Mesha Rasi natives; and also, for those who have born between mid-April to mid-May).

1. The Venus getting placed in the Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. This would create discomfort on both the family issues and also on marital relationships. The placement in Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces could create more troubles.
2. The presence of Shani, Mars and Mercury in the Taurus and Libra. This would create difficulties in financial & family life (if the Planets are placed in Taurus) and create difficulties on marital life (if the Planets are placed in Libra).
3. The association of Venus with Mars (or) Mercury could create “Kalathira Dosha” (meaning troubled marital life).
4. The Mars/Venus combination creates bitterness (or) isolation (or) separation from the Partner; (or) the Partner could face difficulties on personal relationships & financial issues.
5. The Budhan/Venus combination creates…


Vedic Astrology: Pitra Dosha and Marriage:
Everyone must understand that the existence of “Pitra Dosha” in the natal Horoscope has the capacity to derail the Marriage and Personal Life of anybody in this world. Let us first understand “What is Pitra Dosha?” and “What are the impacts of Pitra Dosha on the Marriage Life?”  

What is “Pitra Dosha?”
The word “Pitra” (or) “Pitru” means the “Souls of the departed ancestors”. As per the Hindu Religion, the death is not end to a life @ the soul of the departed person would take another form of life in a separate world called “Pitru Logam (World of departed souls) away from the Earth. Let us define it in the following ways to understand it better.
A person had died; and his soul would knew that the death had happened to him @ the soul will possess the exact amount of consciousness about his earlier life & family.
Everyone will have “Sthula body” meaning that it is noticeable and traceable. Anybody can see it, feel it, experience it and interact…