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Sevvai Dosham: Does it create problems in the Marriage?

Nowadays, the Marriage Brokers commonly use the term "Manglik" (or) "Sevvai Dosham". The Marriage Brokers would itself don the role of Astrologers and simply declare certain Horoscope as "Manglik" by seeing the Mars getting placed in either of the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from the Lagna (Rising Sign). The common people also believe in this theory and simply reject certain horoscopes, since they consider it as "Manglik". :Let us understand the true meaning of "Manglik" (or) "Sevvai Dosha".

Suppose imagine a Couple is getting married. The Husband has Rh Positive and the Wife is Rh Negative in their blood group. The Baby to be born to this Couple, would most likely to be Rh Positive @ a Baby with Rh Positive blood group will grow within the womb of the Rh Negative mother. An Rh Positive baby will have Rhesus disease, if its Rh Negative mother has sensitised to Rh P…