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How to fix a Marriage date? In general people select the date according to the below mentioned options.

1. The day on which preferred Marriage Hall is available. 

2. The day on which everyone can attend preferably Sunday or any leave days.

3. The day on which the bride or bridegroom would be able to get leave.

4. The day on which, the appointment of important people are available.

As per the Hindu Astrology, in order to have a successful marriage, the below mentioned conditions have to be met.

1. Complete analyzis of both Bride and Bridegroom's natal chart. (70%)
2. The auspicious date and time of the Muhurtha (20%)
3. Compatability of Boy and Girl's horoscope under Marriage match analyzis (10%) 

The timing of Muhurtha plays more important role in the successful marriage than the Marriage match itself. Now let us see the ground rules for fixing a auspicious muhurtha for a successful Marriage.

1. There should not be two Amavasya or two Pournami in a single tamil month.

2. The tamil month of Chittirai, Vaikasi, Ani, Avani, Thai and Palguni or Panguni are the preferred months.

3. The Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays are preferred days.

4. The Muhurtha Lagna (Lagna at the time of Marriage) should be from Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces.

5. The Marriage should be conducted within the Divitya, Tiruthiya, Panchami, Saptami Dasami and Tirayodasi Thithis only.

6. The Marriage day should be from the auspicious Stars like Rohini, Mirugasirisa, Magham, Uthiram, Uthiradam, Utirattathi, Hastham, Swathi, Anusham, Moolam and Revathi.

7. There should not be any planet in the 7th house for the Muhurtha Lagna.

8. The Marriage should not be conducted during the inauspicious Agni Nakshathra, Miruthyu, Panchagram and Kasra Yog.

9. The auspicious planets like Guru and Sukra should not be in the 6th and 8th house, both for Bride and Groom's Moon sign.

10. The auspicious planets like Guru and Sukra should not be in the 6th and 8th house for the Muhurtha Lagna too.

11. Moon should not be placed in the 8th house both for bride and bridegroom's Moon sign on the Marriage day.

12. The Marriage should not be held on the day, date and star of both the bride and bridegroom. 

13. The age of the bride should be even and bridegroom should be odd.

14. The Marraige should not be held on Amavasya and Pournami. 

15. The Marriage should not be held during the Menstrual Periods (bride) and also 3 days before and after those periods. 

If you conduct a Marriage on a specified date that meets all its conditions, then the Marriage would proves to be highly successful. Both the Boy and the Girl will get all the blessings and live together for longer years.

If you conduct a Marriage as per the availability of Marriage Hall, then the success of Marriage Life is in the hands of the God only.

 The definition of Success here is 

Better understanding between the Couple, sexual satisfaction, wonderful Childrens, secured income, no separation, no quarrel and longer period of living together. 


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