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Can people with the same Rasi (Zodiac Sign/Moon Sign) marry?

The People who are in the same Zodiac Sign (Moon Sign/Rasi) can marry, but there are few conditions attached to it. There are 12 Zodiac houses and 27 stars, which are considered for calculations on the Hindu Vedic Astrology.. 

Each Zodiac house contains 9 divisions @ 12 houses x 9 divisions (paths) = 108 divisions (paths).

Each Star has 4 paths (divisions) @ 27 Stars x 4 paths (divisions) = 108 paths. 
Thus each Zodiac house hosts 2 1/4 Stars in 9 paths.

Hence when you take a Star under consideration, it is important to know the Path (division) attached to the Star. 

For example,  Aswini 1, Aswini 2, Aswini3, Aswini4 are the four different division of the Aswini Star.
In the Aries Sign, we have Aswini (1 to 4), Bharani (1 to 4) and Kiruthigai (1) totalling 9 paths.
In the Taurus Sign, we have Kiruthigai (2 to 4), Rohini (1 to 4) and Mirugasirisa (1 and 2) totalling nine paths. 

Thus even if a boy & girl has same Zodiac Sign, they may have different Star or different path within a Star. To marry within the same Zodiac Sign, the following condition must be fulfilled. 

1. The Boy's Birth Star must precede the Girl's Birth Star. For example, Aswini Boy can marry a Bharani Girl, but Aswini Girl can not marry a Bharani boy. 

2. The Boy's Star path must precede the Girl's Star path. For example, the boy having Aswini 1 can marry a Girl with Aswini 4. But Girl with Aswini 1 can not marry a boy with Aswini 4. 

3. The Data on Same Star Marriage must also be complied. For example, the boy and Girl having Bharani Star can not marry, even if the Boy's Star path precede the Girl's Star path. 

For a successful marriage and cordial relationship between the couples, this condition must be followd strictly. In the next part, we see the advantages and perils of conducting the same Star (or) Same Rasi Marriage. 

Tips to ensure successful Marriage:

Please understand that a perfect marriage match between a couple doesn't always gurantee a successful marriage. There are many other important issues to be looked and analysed to enjoy a successful marriage. Please visit the link to understand the correct way to use Astrology in ensuring a successful marriage 

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