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Vedic Astrology: Pitra Dosha and Marriage:

Everyone must understand that the existence of “Pitra Dosha” in the natal Horoscope has the capacity to derail the Marriage and Personal Life of anybody in this world. Let us first understand “What is Pitra Dosha?” and “What are the impacts of Pitra Dosha on the Marriage Life?”  

What is “Pitra Dosha?”

The word “Pitra” (or) “Pitru” means the “Souls of the departed ancestors”. As per the Hindu Religion, the death is not end to a life @ the soul of the departed person would take another form of life in a separate world called “Pitru Logam (World of departed souls) away from the Earth. Let us define it in the following ways to understand it better.

A person had died; and his soul would knew that the death had happened to him @ the soul will possess the exact amount of consciousness about his earlier life & family.

Everyone will have “Sthula body” meaning that it is noticeable and traceable. Anybody can see it, feel it, experience it and interact with it. After death, everyone will have “Sooksama body” meaning that is invisible and untraceable. Nobody can see it, feel it, experience it (or) interact with it. The Soul which has “Sooksama body” does not come under common physical laws that are applicable in this world. The Soul can hear what others speak; but they are incapable of communicating with them. The Soul can travel at the speed of the mind. The Soul can penetrate any objects (or) any medium.

The Soul would attain another medium @ body called as “Sooksama” (or) “Aruba” meaning that “unnoticeable”. The Soul would remain mentally connected to their family members because of their love, pain and emotions.

The Soul would need to depart from this world on the 13th day from its death.

The Soul would travel for one year to reach the Pitra Loga (World of Departed Souls).

The Souls would be needed to wipe out their emotional links with their old family members, so that they would be eligible to take next birth in another form.

There are two options that would be available to the Souls to attain these results.

1.   The Soul be matured enough to understand that this is the new reality; and must eliminate all the emotional links about their earlier family related issues.
2.   The family members especially the male members of the departed souls must do the “Shraddham” and “Pitru Tharpanam” for the departed souls to help them to heal their mental wounds; and help prepare for the next form of life (*The methods are clearly defined in the Hindu Vedas).

Normally, the Souls of the peoples, who possess the spiritual maturity, would automatically get detached from their old family’s emotional issues. Thus they would be in a position to take another form of life.

Majority of the souls that leaves behind the world with love for money, property (or) family relationships along with anger and vengeance would remain connected to their old family members through strong emotions. In such cases, the “Shraddham” and “Pithru Tharpanam” is highly necessary to cut off the emotional links with their departed ancestors. In not, the Souls become restless and highly frustrated because of the long agony to wait endlessly for the next birth, because the soul would experience all the pain and sorrow that it had endured during the time of death. This would make the Souls to condemn (or) curse their remaining family members due to their indifference (or) negligence. The curse of the souls of the departed ancestors on their family members is defined as “Pitra Dosha”

Alternative reasons for family getting afflicted by “Pitra Dosha”

As per the Hindu Religion, the following 5 sins are considered as highly dangerous and condemnable.

1. Don’t cheat anyone for any reasons @ earning money/assets through illegal (or) immoral (or) unethical manner

2. Don’t speak anything that you don’t know @ speaking ill about others without knowing the truth (or) giving false testimony

3. Don’t create divisions within a family, couple, friendship, relationship (or) partnership

4. Don’t damage the modesty (or) life of women @ physically/sexually abusing (or) willfully cheating them on the relationship (or) maintaining extra-marital relationship.

5. Don’t aid, support (or) act on the issue of cruelty/maiming/killing any humans, animals (or) all creatures in the world.

Results: If anybody does this act in their life, they may have to take multiple births and go through same kind of agony that they have inflicted on others. Thus the Pitra Dosha would automatically affect any family, if they indulge in these acts.

How would you identify the family afflicted by “Pitra Dosha?”

Following symptoms in any family would help you to easily identify the presence of “Pitra Dosh”

Level 1: Inordinate marriage delays; living as bachelors for the entire lifetime

Level 2: Failed Marriages due to various reasons like separation, divorce (or) death.

Level 3: Inordinate delay in getting conceived for a child

Level 4: Miscarriages during the pregnancy (or) forced abortion (or) willful abortion

Level 5: Serious problem occurring during the pregnancy

Level 6: Possessing a child with mental (or) physical disability.

Level 7: Unnatural death occurring in a family due to accidents (or) murder (or) suicide 

Note 1: The Level 1 represents the least level of problems in “Pitra Dosha” and the Level 7 represents the worst form of “Pitra Dosha”

Note 2: You must understand that the “Pitra Dosha” would not create any major impact on career, finances (or) wealth of a native who has been affected by “Pitra Dosha” Hence don’t assume that just because a person is rich (or) powerful, then it doesn’t automatically guarantee a peaceful life.

Impact of “Pitra Dosha”:

1. The Couple would face quarrels, squabbles and fight on daily basis ripping off their peacefulness in their family life.

2. The Couple would maintain distance away from each other (or) face temporary separation.

3. The Couple would face permanent separation due to divorce (or) death of their Partner.

4. The Couple could face inordinate delays in getting pregnant (or) face multiple complications during the pregnancy.

5. The Couple would face prospect of adopting another child.

6. The Couple would be saddled with mentally (or) physical disabled child.

7. The Couple could face sudden losses/damages (or) unexpected events impacting their life heavily.

8. The Couple would be made to remain as an onlooker into the sufferings of their future generations.

How to identify the “Pitra Dosh” in the Horoscope?

1. The presence of the Sun, descending Moon, Mars, Raghu, Sun, Shani and Kethu in the 5th house indicates the Pithru dosham (Pitra Dosha).

2. The 5th and/or 9th house lord getting debilitated or in retrograde position or getting weakened.

3. The 5th and/or 9th house lord is either being associated with malefic planets or staying in a malefic house.

4. The presence of debilitated or retrograde planets in the 5th and/or 9th house.

5. The 5th house and/or 9th house lord is getting weakened in the Divisional charts.

6. The 5th house lord and/or 9th house lord traversing in the Star of a malefic planet or traversing in the 22nd star/88 division from the birth Star.

7. The presence of malefic house lords getting placed in the 5th and/or 9th house

8.  Association of 5th and/or 9th house lord with Raghu/Kethu in any house. The problems could remain intense, if the 5th and/or 9th house lords placed in a closer proximity towards the Rahu/Kethu

9. If the Raghu or Kethu is placed in a close proximity to the Sun and/or Moon.

10. If the 5th or 9th house lords getting very low counts in their respective Ashtavargha charts; this situation indicates serious nature of the Pitra Dosha. 

Author’s Opinion:

Do not invite troubles to your daughter by getting married to a boy from a family that has “Pitra Dosha” as an additional asset.

Keep safer distances away from the family who possess these following symptoms.

1. Rich family but the earnings are done in an illegal (or) immoral (or) destructive manner

2. Parents of the boy who cheats their own brother & sisters for property

3. Family possessing legal battle in the court over the property issue

4. Family who doesn’t care for their aged parents

5. Family who has directly (or) indirectly involved in sex related crimes

6. Family who has directly (or) indirectly involved in crimes that are related to physical abuse/murder attempt/murder charges.

7. Family consisting of members with serious physical (or) mental disabilities

8. Family with any record of accidents/suicide/suicidal attempt

Success of the marriage couldn’t be decided on the basis of Marriage Matching. A Marriage could fail despite having perfect matching 10/10 points; and fails in “Pitra Dosha” test.

A handsome boy (or) boy from a wealthy family (or) a boy with excellent job is not a guarantee the successful (or) peaceful marriage life.

Parents must understand that you are doing great damage and disservice to your daughter, if choose a boy whose family is afflicted by Pithru Dosham.

Girls must understand that the personality, job, wealth and status of the Boy are no guarantee for the success (or) peacefulness of the marriage life.


1. Frankly speaking there is no remedies @ you need to pay for the wrong selection of a boy in your life due to your lust, ravenousness and greediness

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