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Successful Marriage through Astrology:

Mob or Mass Hysteria on Marriage Astrology:

"I don't understand anything; but everybody follows some system'. Hence I do follow it. That is, a society in general follow certain system either due to rumours or fear. These tendencies are defined as mass or mob hysteria. In general, most of the people believe or follow certain system or method without understanding it or verifying it. Hence the decision taken under this hysterical conditions do not evolve under any logic or reasons.

Astrology is being used by most of the people, when the marriage is to be conducted. The Boy or the Girl don't understand anything about the Astrology. Simply they understand that a marriage could become successful, if they come under perfect Marriage Match. Hence they look for their Birth Star and Rasi and do conclude the feasibility of their marriage. That is, a marriage becomes more successful, if the couples has perfect matchings among them; and the couples get dejected, if they fail in the Marriage Match Test.

Can a Marriage be successful, if the Couples have perfect marriage match among them?


Will the Marriage ends in failure, if the Couples don't have marriage match among them?

What is Marriage Match? 

Even before 60 years back, the Girls were not allowed to come out of their house after attaining puberty. Those days, the Girls were not allowed to speak to strangers. While conducting a marriage, the prospective groom were not allowed to see or speak to the bride. Most of the marriages were conducted without the consent of the bride or groom. That is, the young boys or girls didn't get the opportunity to express their views.

There was no mobile phone, internet or camera to take pictures or to speak to one another. The Bride and the Groom had to mostly rely on the versions and informations or descriptions provided by their family members. The Groom would be able to see the face of the bride only after the completion of marriage rituals.

The "Marriage Match Test" is a tool devised by the Astrologer who were living at those time to find out the physical, mental and sexual compatibility of the Couples. That is, the Marriage Match Analysis will tell you, whether the Couples enjoy physical compatibility or mental compatibility or sexual compatibility. For example, we shall study certain listed matchings (porutham).

Gana Porutham: This particular Marriage Match tell us, whether the Couples enjoys good physical compatibility or not. The Couples who have the below mentioned complexions or body structure will fail in their Gana Porutham test.

1. Thin Boy with chubby Girl (OR) a fat boy with a lean girl

2. Tall Boy with short girl (OR) vice - versa

3. Dark coloured Boy with fair skinned girl

What the Gana Porutham doesn't tell: This Porutham will not tell us, whether the Boy or the Girl has any health problems.

Rasi Porutham and Rasi Athipathi Porutham: Both the Porutham (Marriage Match Test) tell us, whether the Couple will have similarity in their thinking and behaviour and also tell us, whether they enjoy mental cohesion. The Couples who come under this category fail on this Rasi or Rasi Athipathi or both the tests.

1. The Couples speaking under the multiple voices or speaking in two different voices.

2. The Couples taking diametrically opposite views on every important views.

3. The Couples often prepare to argue or quarrel or squabble among themselves.

What the Rasi Porutham or Rasi Athipathi Porutham does not indicate: These Porutham doesn't tell us, whether the Girl or the Boy has any criminal characteristics or unwelcome behaviour

Yoni Porutham: This particular Marriage Match tell us, whether the Couple enjoys their sexual relationship or not @ whether they enjoy sexual compatibility among themselves. The Couples who are mentioned under this category fail or remain disappointed or remain disillusioned with their sexual relationship.

1. The Girl with small vaginal openings and the Boy with Large genitals and vice versa. This will create immense pain during the sexual relationships.

2. The Girl with delayed orgasm and the Boy with premature ejaculation.

3. The Girl and the Boy possessing different attitudes or habits or interests in their sexual activities.

What the Yoni Porutham doesn't tell us that?: This Yoni Porutham doesn't indicate the sexual ability or weakness (OR) it doesn't indicate the sexual behaviour or habits.

Now let us work with a probable scenario 1: 

Select a male, who has criminal background. Draw a horoscope chart for him and find out his Rashi (Zodiac sign) and Nakshatra (Birth Star). Select a female with good educational and financial background. She will also posses a Nakshatra and Rashi.

Now match both the horoscopes. In case, if there is perfect matchings (for example: 8 out of 10) between those horoscopes, can the female with good character and background marry the male with criminal background? Will the marriage be successful or brings happiness to the female?

Here the Marriage will not be successful, despite the Marriage Match Analysis indicates high level of matchings between the male and the female.

Let us study the possible scenario 2:

For example a person who was convicted of some serious criminal charges and he married a women, who also has criminal past in her life. Suppose the Couple gets 8 out of 10 Marriage matchings, then they live happily as couples. Because their attitudes and lifestyle are more or less the same. There could be perfect mind coordination on criminal activities by both the Couples. Perhaps they look could be perfect personality matches between them; also they could be fully satisfied on their sexual relationships.

Does this guarantee the Couple a perfect and happier life? The Couple could become the best partners @ whether they remain inside the jail or move out of the jail, they remain as the best partner to each other.

Author's Opinion: 

1. The Marriage Match Analysis doesn't guarantee the success of the marriage life.

2. Gana Porutham is irrelevant today, because the Couples see each other, interact with each other and chat with each other. When you know your partner very well, why do you need a Gana Porutham to find out the physical compatibility?

3. Rashi Porutham or Rashi Athipathi Porutham is unnecessary, because the Couple gets ready for their marriage only after understanding about the nature, behaviour and tendency of their life partner. The Couple could not blame others for their failure of their marriage, if they find deficiency in the mental cohesion at the later stage.

4. Yoni Porutham: Large section of the present generations even have physical relationship before getting married. For those categories, even the Yoni Porutham is not all necessary.

What the Marriage Match doesn't tell us or indicate?

1. The Marriage Match will not indicate the characteristics, attitudes or behaviour.

2. The Marriage Match will not indicate the physical and mental health.

3. The Marriage Match will not indicate the financial or professional success.

4. The Marriage Match will not indicate the sexual potency level.

5. The Marriage Match will not indicate the life longevity.

Hence the Marriage Match Analysis doesn't tell anything about the success or the failure of the marriage. Conducting a marriage based on the Marriage Match Test could either become successful or it could become failure. This is just a probability not based on any calculations. Hence the Readers must understand that conducting a marriage using the Marriage Match Analysis is not based on Vedic Astrology.

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