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Let us see the steps to be taken to ensure a successful marriage.

1. Character Analysis: First analyze the character of the Couples. Find out the compatibility with their mindset. A Marriage becomes always be successful, if the couple's mindset travels on the same directions.

1. A boy with the vibrant nature would find it extremely difficult to co-habit with a lazy girl.
2. A Girl with clean habits can't tolerate a Boy who does not keep himself bodily clean.
3. The Person with good charcater can't co-exist with a life partber within a criminal background.

2. Sexual Compatibilty: Find out the physical and sexual compatibilty by using the horoscope and also through the "Yoni Porutham"

1. A marriage automatically fails, if the Boy or Girl has too much interests in sex and the other partner does not evince the same level of interests in the sexual relationship.
2. The Marriage also fails, if the Boy or Girl tend to lead a unethical sexual activities and the other partner prefers to enjoy their sexual activities in a ethical manner.
3. The Marriage also fails, if the horoscope of any one of the Couple or both indicates trouble with their sexual ability and fitness.

3. Dasa Sandhi: Find out whether the Couples do come under "Dasa Sandhi". The word Dasa Sandhi means that the couples coming under bad Mahadasa period on a concurrent manner, then those Marriage is also likely to fail.

Example: A Marriage is always likely to come under severe stress, if the Couples go through 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th house lord's Mahadasa or Maraka Graha's Mahadasa on a simultaneous manner.

4. Financial Aspects: The success of the Marriage largely depends on the economic viability and strength of both the Couples. If both the Couples do have a weak strength of Grahas that denotes their poor performances in their professional and financial strength on a simultaneous basis, then the Couple's marriage life would be filled with sorrow and economic diasater.

5. Kalathira Dosha: The word "Kalathira" denotes the life partner. If the Kalathira Dosham is present in both the Boy and the Grl's horoscope, then it could act as a catalyst for the troubles in the Marriage life. The Kalathira Dosham would create differences, temorary or permanent separations, divorce or even death in the Couple's life. Thus the Kalathira Dosham could act against the success of the Marriages.

6. Marriage Match Analysis: The Couple must get minimum of 6 out of 10 positive matches based on their Jenma Nakshatra and Rasi (Moon Sign).

7. Muhurtha Date and Time: The Marriage date and time also plays a crucial role in deciding the success of the Marraige. Read this link Importance of Muhurtha Date and Time to understand the importance and the positive effects in making the Marriages to be successful.

Conclusions: A Marriage would never fail, if the analysis of the Couples horoscopes are done properly.



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